Thursday, 12 December 2013

Scrap Car Removals

Cash For Scrap Cars

Around 500,000 cars are being recycled every year in Australia and approximately 130,000 are from New South Wales. This is a great news because these cars are basically dead such as Junk, Scrap, Old Cars. It helps Australia to be clean and have safe and better environment. It also saves some space for your house.

If you want  Sydney to be clean then simply contact us on 0497 990 249 because we offer a reliable service, we have professional employees to deal with your Scrap car headaches.
We also pay you top Cash For your Scrap Cars starting from $160 up to $5999 along with such great offer you will also get the benefit of not paying for towing. Our removal service is absolutely free.
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Cash For Cars Sydney

Scrap car removal
Cash For Cars Sydney

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Cash For Scrap Cars in Sydney

Scrap Car For Cash

Almost every 2 in 10 houses are confused how to scrap or recycle their unwanted car while it’s bothering your house’s space. Some people are not even aware that there is a car recycling company such as Old Cars Recycling Pty Ltd that pays top cash for junk, scrap and unwanted cars. We remove the car free of charge and also pay top cash for cars, this blog have been developed by Old Cars Recycling Pty Ltd to create an awareness for consumers.

Scrap Car organisation

It is important for consumers to deal with the right company when it comes to scrap car removal and get cash for. In the past 2 years there have been many cases where consumers were misled by scrap car companies where they offer money for your car and when they come at your doorstep they get your bank details in promise of transferring the money to your account.

Scrap Car Recycling The right company to provide cash for your scrap cars is old cars recycling which legally provides company receipt and also connected to RTA. Our receipt will help consumer to cancel the registration of your car. Our offers starts from $160 and for Ute, Van, 4x4 and truck starts from $500.

According to The Daily Telegraph there have been car stolen cases where scrap car company near Revesby and Bankstown areas that steal cars and scrap them in 2 hours. You can find the full article by clicking here.